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Sold in 1/2 cup or 1 cup scoops!


Our earthy is mix scoop is perfect for the healing individual that needs strength and protection. 


Black obsidian is great for healing, protection, and strength. Tiger's Eye is great for protection, mindfulness, and willpower.  Bloodstone is great for determination. Unakite is great for clarity and emotional healing and balance.  Red Jasper is great for healing and warding off negative energy.  Mahogany Obsidian is great for boundary setting. Snowflake obsidian is great for healing and protection.


Each scoop is a fun little surprise that can include anything in the mix.  

The complete mix includes:

- bloodstone chips

- tiger's eye chips

- black obsidian chips

- red jasper chips

- howlite tumbles

- tiger's eye tumbles

- snowflake obsidian tumbles

- red jasper tumbles

- black obsidian, unakite, tiger's eye heart carvings

- tiger's eye tree chip jars

- black obsidian, moss agate, tiger's eye chip jars

- leopardskin jasper, black obsidian, mahogany obsidian goddess bodies

- unakite, black obsidian, tiger's eye, labradorite, dalmation jasper, bloodstone mushrooms

- black obsidian, tiger's eye angel carvings

- tiger's eye, unakite, labradorite mini star carvings

- unakite, tiger's eye mini moon carvings


The third picture shows an example of what could be included in a half cup scoop.

The fourth picture shows an example of what could be included in a full cup scoop.


Earthy Mix Scoop


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