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Our Commitment to


We wanted to share information of the types of packaging that we use to keep your precious safe while reducing the negative impact to the environment as possible.  The packaging may not be as pretty or shiny, but we feel better about the minimal impact to the environment.  The only time we will use plastic packaging is if we've received the product with plastic packaging, and rather than just throwing it away, we will disinfect it and reuse it.

exterior packaging

We will ship all packages in recyclable, cardboard boxes or if the package is small enough, we will use a polymailer made with recycled materials. 

Interior packaging

For lighter-weight items, we will use honeycomb paper wrap .  If the crystal is lower on the Mohs scale of hardness, we will try to wrap in clean, cut up fabric of clothing that no longer serve its purpose or tissue paper if we run out of the cloth strips.  

For heavier-weight items, we will use honeycomb paper in addition to starch packing peanuts.  The packing peanuts are biodegradable and water-soluble without creating any toxic byproduct.  

Note: As of 4/18/2022, we have a surplus of bubble wrap that we are trying to reuse before using the honeycomb paper.  All bubble wrap is cleaned and disinfected before using.  We are committed to minimizing the impact to the environment, so we will never spend money to create additional plastic packaging.  All plastic packaging is either reused or pre-owned. 

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