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All about pricing

It's super important to us to consciously-source crystals and ensure that our suppliers are paid fairly.  We've handpicked our suppliers to verify that working conditions are safe, there isn't any child labor, and that they are paid fairly to their living wages.  Although, without going to the mine ourselves, we can't guarantee that each and every crystal is mined 100% ethically, we do feel better about asking those questions and video-chatting with the supplier to get to know the employees and facility. 

support small businesses

This is a small business, so we don't have the luxury of buying in huge bulk quantities and receiving those large discounts.

As much as we'd like to hand-pick each item to pick only the most beautiful, imperfect pieces, we do feel like it is unfair for the miners to get paid any less if they mine imperfect pieces.  We buy the whole lot for a fair price for all parties, and price them accordingly.

We are not drop-shipping any product, so we do have a hefty amount of procurement shipping that must be calculated into each product cost.

We are working through a few suppliers to find the perfect one for us, product prices do also change a bit, and different pieces can be of different quality.  Therefore, product prices can vary from time to time.

Keep in mind that there are so much more operating costs that small businesses have in addition to just product costs: shipping costs, packaging material, any costs with freebies, business cards, equipment, website fees, PO Box rentals, any labor we pay if the workload is too much for one person, our time, and so on.  

We would also like to add that we're sure that every small business prices their product in a way that makes sense for their business, so we don't support price shaming either.





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